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Spur Fashion Show Presents: Mirage

  • London Music Hall 185 Queens Avenue London, ON, N6A 6E2 Canada (map)

A Night of Mirage

The annual Spur Fashion Show presented itself to a packed audience at the London Music Hall on Saturday, March 25, 2017. This year, the fashion show chose to fundraise for motionball — a non-for-profit organization that raises money and awareness for the Special Olympics movement. 

The show, which featured a diverse representation of students from Western University, came together and raised a total of $25 000 for the charity — the most any Canadian university has raised for motionball, and a record amount the fashion show itself. 

Behind the Scenes

While the show was highly anticipated, the glitz and glamour began long before it started. The models and the executive team arrived at the venue at 9 a.m. to set up, rehearse the choreography, and get ready for the evening show.  

Spur Fashion Show / Jenny Jay

The Beginning

The night began with opening statements made by fashion show Director, Laurel Bury, as well as words from Chairman and Co-Founder of motionball, Paul Etherington. The show was then introduced by hosts Connor Malbeuf and Olivia Keast, who welcomed the opening scenes. Greek Gods and Sirens — all part of the theme Mirage — kicked off the show with a display of energy, acrobats, and charisma. 

This is [not] the end

Although the third scene was Apocalyptic, it was far from the end. Sponsored by local clothing lines including Illbury + Goose, the models rocked the alternative street style. This was then followed by the formal scene, where models were styled in a witchcraft aesthetic. 

Viking? More like Why, Queen!

Following the intermission, the Viking-themed lingerie scene began with a Magic Mike show, making the audience go Abra-ca-DAMN. Following the men, the scene featured model Kelsey Bush, who strutted her curves with confidence on stage. Although new to the modelling industry, Bush exemplified body positivity and radiated self-love during the steamy segment. 

I have always struggled with my self-confidence and was insecure about my body. Spur created an incredible community that made me feel supported and inspired — through Spur, I learned that beauty truly does begin on the inside, and radiates out!
— Kelsey Bush, model


Although lingerie was a hard act to follow, the models featured in the modern scene nailed it with a take on nymphs, with fun pastels and light colours that mimicked the playful vibes that were shared on the runway. 

The best part of the night was right before we stepped on stage — not because it was our time in the spotlight, but rather because backstage, the special athletes were motivating the models as they waited for their cues to step into the abyss.
— Nicolas Gil, Model

The Athletes

Although Spur traditionally showcases students at Western University, this year the fashion show made sure they reminded the audience of why they were really there — for the charity. As one of the final scenes of the show, the Special Athletes strutted their stuff down the runway alongside choreographer Natasha Crombie, warming the audiences hearts with their energy and charisma. The scene was by far a fan favourite, garnering a well-deserved standing ovation.  

The Final Scene: Purple and Proud

Following the high-energy of the athletes, all the models returned on stage in their purple gear to display their Mustang pride — giving VIP audience members the full experience when they popped a bottle and riled up the crowd. The finale of the show left the audience with exactly what they came for — an exciting night watching Western University's hottest fashion show, while simutaneously supporting a well-deserving charity. 

Photos © Jenny Jay / The Double Jay Collective