Profile: The [Ly]fe of Logan Ly

Meet Logan Ly:

Born in Vietnam, and raised in Toronto, Logan Ly is a globetrotter and a photographer who has spent the last five years intensively travelling the world. At the age of 23, he has travelled over 150 cities across 44 different countries — and he doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. 

Ly first experienced his love for travelling, cultures, and customs at the age of 17 when he went on a culture exchange to Ghana, after graduating high school.

“[Ghana] pushed me out of the bubble and into the whole big world. That was when I was like — whoa — this is the life and the world that I want to be exploring,” Ly says, “So five years later after graduating from University, I accepted a job offer and moved to Sweden.”

Ly’s passion lies in documenting his travels and adventures through his photography on his various social media platforms. His instagram, which has been featured on various streams, has garnered over fifteen thousand followers — and is just one of the many mediums he has used in successfully creating a self-brand.

While Ly has travelled extensively across the globe in the last few years, he speaks the most fondly about Stockholm, Sweden — one of his favourite cities from his travels due to the sense of home that he found in the city.

“[Home] is just this place that I can be totally comfortable with myself and with my surroundings — where the surroundings can inspire me and push me even more to my potential,” Ly says. “I have this thing called a soul tribe, where, people who I meet — no matter where they are from, how we meet, or how long or short the time period is — if we connect in a way that feels more infinite than the physicality of meeting someone, I consider them a part of my soul tribe. I found that for the first time when I was in Stockholm.”

Although Ly continues to document his travels and his adventures online and open-heartedly shares his stories with his friends, he humbly accepts that traveller stories are not always for everyone.

It’s better to take that leap instead of holding yourself back and not living, not experiencing, and not doing what peaks your interest and tickles your curiosity.
— Logan Ly

“You want to share this new world with your old world, and with your friends — and they don’t want to be a part of that. It really hit me hard,” Ly tells.

Since realizing this after his first trip to Ghana, however, Ly has learned to share his stories in snippets with those that care to hear them.

“There are going to be some people who are genuinely interested, and those people are the ones who you want to share your experience and stories — share it with them,” Ly says.  “You’ll find out who just doesn’t want to hear it — which is fine too.”

Ly emphasizes his gratitude for his passions that have transformed into a career, which both funds, and fuels, his travels. Just like anything else however, it didn’t come easy for Ly, and took a lot of personal effort and drive to get to where he is now.

“I didn’t have one single clue how to run a fashion editorial, or how to photograph people in a directed way,” he says.

Instead, Ly spent his time honing his skills and shadowing other photographers, and finding various internships and opportunities to expand his knowledge.

While Ly is beginning to reap the fruits of his hard work, he explains that it all only comes from the domino effect, after taking that first big leap. However, for those that wish to follow in his footsteps, Ly instead advises that they should never live vicariously.

“Don’t ever look at another person’s life and wish ‘Oh my god, I wish I could be doing what they’re doing,’ or ‘Oh my god, I’m so envious or jealous of what you’re doing, I wish I could do that too,'” Ly says, ” Because — you can. You can get out there and pick up a camera, or pick up a pen, or change your course of studies — people are so defined and so locked in, once they walk down a road that they have started.”

For Ly, while he understands the fear of stepping into the unknown, he now swears by it, setting him apart as a young, globetrotting photographer.

“It’s so scary, I understand that — but at the same time it’s better to take that leap instead of holding yourself back and not living, not experiencing, and not doing what peaks your interest and tickles your curiosity.”

To keep up to date with Logan Ly’s adventures, check out his instagram, or read his blog

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