Profile: Adventure [C]onwards

Meet Connor Merrick:

Third year media, information, and technoculture student at Western University, Merrick is an avid adventurer, who finds new places to explore throughout the year — making sure that his student experience goes beyond the university bubble. 

“We all get caught up in mundane, everyday life — as students especially,” Merrick says. “Yeah, we are students — and realistically you aren’t going to be able to quit school and travel the world right now, but you can work up to that point by starting a passion or a hobby that maybe incorporates travel — if that’s what you want to do.”

Merrick’s excursions usually involve exploring the provincial parks and trails that are often left undiscovered and unappreciated. His love for seeking the outdoors, he says, comes from his single mother taking him and his two brothers out camping every summer, since they were very little — a tradition that they still partake in years later, despite having all grown up.

Find everyday adventures and realize that you don’t have to travel the world and have a ton of cash — just go out of your comfort zone
— Connor Merrick

Now, Merrick makes the effort to remind himself of those simpler times, by finding ways to do that within the restrictions of the student bubble — and more realistically, the student budget.

“It’s a matter of going online and just going on google maps and then zooming out on my location and finding green areas — and it works!” Merrick says. “You find green areas and then it’s like — no way, this is a park? We have a nature reserve? What? Then it’s a matter of grabbing a friend and asking them if they wanna go get lost with me and just roam around.”

Merrick, who has just begun his efforts as a Youtuber, began documenting his explorations through his instagram, AdventureConwards, which has since garnered over 5000 loyal followers as of January 2016.

“I quickly realized that it was a really good way for me to share my own life and also inspire other people to get outside,” Merrick tells.

For Merrick, AdventureConwards is about taking life day by day and finding ways to live your life outside the box.

“Find everyday adventures and realize that you don’t have to travel the world and have a ton of cash — just go out of your comfort zone and look around your area for places,” Merrick says.

While Merrick spends much of his time appreciating all the little things, he is also involved with the student life at Western University, as a passionate Residence Don, a member of Western TV, and as a member of Theatre Western.

Although he is fortunate enough to really enjoy his field of study, along with his student experience, Merrick says that after his fourth year, he looks forward to what comes after graduation.

“The ultimate dream, if I could fantasize a bit, would be to travel the world, make films and inspire people — those three things would just make me the happiest dude,” Merrick says. “That being said, to get to that point, I know it’s going to take a lot of work, time, and patience.”

Until then, Merrick tells that he will keep looking for new adventures and keep doing this simply because he loves it. And for anyone who wants to follow in his footsteps? In the words of Connor Merrick, “Get your ass off the couch, and get outside.”

To keep up to date with Merrick’s adventures, follow his Instagram, or subscribe to his YouTube channel for his latest videos. 

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